A first is just the start.

I think I’ve sown sunflower seeds seven different times over the past nine years. Only one of those was the first, but the seventh was another first – the first successful year.

And here we are.


Sometimes we’re caught off guard and knocked flat.

Sometimes a storm is just what you need.

Sometimes you aren’t prepared for unprecedented growth.

Sometimes you are.

And sometimes, no matter how hard you fight it, passions persist.

Sunflower in the shade.

We grew sunflowers once when I was little. The giant kind, with faces bigger than your head. I remember being astonished at the sheer number of seeds in one sunflower. I also remember being surprised at how differently the seeds tasted! This year, I sowed four kinds of sunflowers, even some of the giants.

Only one came up.

She’s a fighter.