I’ll show you.

The sweet potatoes took on the yellow pear tomatoes and won. The cages now house greenery for the tubers (hopefully) down below.

They made a move for the sun gold cherries but no. Those cherries made a counter maneuver. Take that, sweet potatoes.

Take that.


One of a kind timer.

“Would you count to twenty and then do the same for the next tall plant and the next one?”

“Right here, mama?”

I hope these little bean flowers make food before the heat causes them to keel over.

Not everything out of place is unwanted in its place.

A July morning jungle

The lines were drawn and the advancing vines paid no heed.

Sweet potatoes marching on pumpkin. Watermelon winding through to climb abandoned tomato cages.

A butterfly weed returned to hearty trumpets.

The okra is starting to synchronise. We may soon see more than one per plant per harvest.

And a zinnia has shouldered its way through the green beans to feel the sun on its head.