Trade Box

The seeds I currently have on hand, that do not flourish my space, in my climate, that are free for trade for other heirloom (non-gmo, non-hybrid) seeds live in a little cardboard box – my Trade Box.

If you have seeds you are searching for, or have for trade, please feel free to post on this page to coordinate with other gardeners.

Do not post for sale items, please. This is not a marketplace.

Blanketflower  – Saved 2011. You will have more seeds for this than you know what to do with if you do not deadhead. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I let it reseed the bed and it has been setting blooms for nine months straight. (With once-weekly watering, it bloomed straight through the 2011 drought.)

Green Oak Leaf Lettuce – Saved 2011

These grew like mad in my garden, and I let them bolt to seed. I saved seeds, pulled the heads, and laid them on the sod for a minute. They sprouted volunteers in the lawn. They have a stronger flavor than other lettuces.



2 comments on “Trade Box

  1. Robbie says:

    I have Jimmy Nardello Peppers, and after this year Lemon cucumbers if no one within 1/2 mile in my urban area has any cucumbers-:-)

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