Commandeering the guest bath


I know I’ve always wondered what 49lbs of sweet potatoes looks like in a bathroom. Surely you have as well? There’s even a pan hiding in this picture! The pan on the toilet will hopefully become next year’s sprouts. The large pan in the foreground (with the monsters) is actually the injured potatoes that we’ll need to eat first. Not bad for our first attempt at digging them gently. Now for the million dollar trivia question: out of the 49 lbs harvested, how many pounds were from purchased starts, and how many from pantry potatoes? (Hint: There were 11 successful plants from the purchased sprouts and I buried seven pantry potatoes.)


And a new life enters the world…

Yesterday morning, my lovely and talented brother and sister-in-law became parents! They waited until they met her to find out that they were having a “her” and what a great surprise! She looks so much like my brother (as I hear babies are set to do). The most adorable little alien baby (all newborns looks like aliens or lizards to me) that I have to wait a whole two weeks to meet…

I’ll survive on pictures until then.


And until I hear otherwise, I’m saying she got all that hair from my side =D If she takes after her Auntie at all, it’ll get thicker, fall out, and come back shock-white for her toddler years 😉




I love seed catalogs, as I’m sure many of you do. I can easily mark the new veggies that I want to try. The funny part, or the hard part, is how I end up marking almost every bean and every tomato… What gives you the hardest decisions in your garden variety planning?