And a new life enters the world…

Yesterday morning, my lovely and talented brother and sister-in-law became parents! They waited until they met her to find out that they were having a “her” and what a great surprise! She looks so much like my brother (as I hear babies are set to do). The most adorable little alien baby (all newborns looks like aliens or lizards to me) that I have to wait a whole two weeks to meet…

I’ll survive on pictures until then.


And until I hear otherwise, I’m saying she got all that hair from my side =D If she takes after her Auntie at all, it’ll get thicker, fall out, and come back shock-white for her toddler years 😉



3 comments on “And a new life enters the world…

  1. Congrats to the New Parents!
    She’s beautiful!

  2. Alice says:

    What a sweet, beautiful, alert baby! Wonderful holiday present.

  3. Awww that’s lovely news!

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