Peas in a… tent.

The okra is done. The pumpkin leaves have wilted. Hopefully they have the roots to ripen their fruit. I need to uncover the lettuce and take the bucket hats of the peppers.


Grow and tickle the noses

Sometimes we need to stop and smell the flowers.

And sometimes, when you just need that moment, the flowers find their own way to lower your shoulders and ease your day away.

Grandmother’s garden

I’ve been about again. My grandpa passed last week on my mother’s birthday.

In all of the care my grandma gives to others, in all of the time she’s spent away, in all of her years her garden has shrunk to a bright spot by her doorstep, plants throughout the house, and loved-upon loved ones and not-long-strangers where ever she’s been.

I’ll need to learn to make popcorn balls. My kids had yet to have grandpa’s family-famous treat.