Winter is coming.

I didn’t want to watch that show, but whether or not I did, winter still comes. For now, anyway.

Our first frost of the season is expected tonight. Three years ago next week we even had snow! No snow this time, but still, it’s crisp and cool and time to tuck some pots into the garage, some inside by the sliding door, and cover the wilder (aka in-ground) tender growers with blankets and buckets and such.

My daughter’s peas are as tall as I am and have yet to flower. They’re not getting away from my little pea-aholic that easily.

Soak it up, Peas. It’s about to get dark…
And cozy.

I actually got two little yellow squash before tucking the plant under a quadrupled row cover. (Or was it octupled? Surely that’s not the actual word.)

The cilantro, chard, and lettuce all had a strong harvest today to reduce any potential loss and reduce the size of cover they required.

One strand of peas (mine) got a hug from a hoodie of mine that’s drinking age. (Picking as many peppers as I did caused me to shed the hoodie and I thought, why not?)

I’m sure we’ll be stringing peppers and nibbling lettuce tonight and tomorrow, cozy and warm in our snug little home. I hope each of you are starting the same, with a little glow coming from within when you think smiling thoughts.

And now for homemade turkey soup…


2 comments on “Winter is coming.

  1. shoreacres says:

    I didn’t have to deal with any plants, since our lowest low may be about 40. But I did finally turn on the heater to check it out. Right now my place is holding at 68, which is fine, but once it dips below 65, it willbe time for a little supplemental heat.

  2. Tina says:

    Did you get a frost? We live not too far from KVUE (off of Shoal Creek and MoPac). When I awoke this morning, KVUE was at 28 degrees. When I went outdoors just a few minutes later, none of my bird baths had even a suggestion of ice. If we got to 32, it wasn’t for long. That’s fine. I hope your peas are safe, at least for a few more weeks.

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