Sunflower in the shade.

We grew sunflowers once when I was little. The giant kind, with faces bigger than your head. I remember being astonished at the sheer number of seeds in one sunflower. I also remember being surprised at how differently the seeds tasted! This year, I sowed four kinds of sunflowers, even some of the giants.

Only one came up.

She’s a fighter.


8 comments on “Sunflower in the shade.

  1. Rabbits ate mine. 😦

  2. Slugs got mine 😦
    Let’s celebrate your fighter!!

  3. Alice says:

    You know, last year the same thing happened to me. Maybe 2 or 3 straggly little plants. Lo, and behold–they left some seeds, and this year I see some sunny faces that came up on their own!

  4. I always cheer for the underdog!

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