June the Plum Tree

Last year was her first year with us. A celebratory gift for DH getting all A’s for the year. She lives in a straw-topped pot on the back patio.

The birds beat us to the first ones yesterday. Today, we knew better. Ten delicious sweet globular candies are now on my counter…make that eight…


Or seven…


2 comments on “June the Plum Tree

  1. Shannon says:

    None of my plums on four trees EVER make it into the house. Too many mouths over here and too easy to eat ’em where they are picked.

    • plumdirt says:

      DH came in with both hands overflowing. I’m about to have another with my lunch! Do you know what kinds yours are? Ours is only one tree, but with four varieties grafted to the base. Only one variety fruited…

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