Elian gets a new home…

In October of 2010, I opened a compost bin. It had been “cooking” for at least four months, undisturbed. Dark and damp, the plant materials had been fodder for the microbes and the whole pieces had turned to powerful muck.

All except for this guy.

The Pit That Earned a Pot. (Later renamed Elian by DH, for surviving a long “voyage” in a dark lonely place.) Time passed. We moved. Elian out grew pot after pot…


Elian rode home with a friend a few weeks ago, to his new home across town. May the sun shine gently on his leaves and he continue to overcome the odds. Perhaps with any luck, he’ll be of a self-pollinating variety and we can have an avocado-inspired dinner party in his honor (where I will eat other things…)


6 comments on “Elian gets a new home…

  1. Shannon says:

    We’ve started many avocados in the compost bin. We’ve killed just as many (they don’t like even a little bit of cold), maybe more. I’d love to see how big yours gets! I think it takes 3-5 years to maturity.

    • plumdirt says:

      We have probably four in pots on the porch currently. One is in the garden (by the bramble) about a foot tall that survived the few nights in the mid-20s this last winter with only minor leaf burn. Elian was spoiled with a winter inside though 😉

  2. Louis says:

    I almost bought an avocado tree this spring but then came to my senses. No way was it ever going to set fruit in my garage. I’ll just keep dreaming. Hope your garden turned out better than mine: no zucchini or squash, two foot tall okra, and golf ball sized watermelons. Most depressing.

    • plumdirt says:

      It’s been a neglected garden year here this year. Cherry tomatoes are set but nothing like last year. I think the volunteer squash has one fruit (all the purposeful squash died ages ago). The beans never got to set true leaves even. At least the onions grew…and the plums and strawberries.

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