Garden time?

Work has been swallowing up my days more than usual these past few weeks. I’m happy if I can disengage after a 12 hour day. When I get to this level, where 12 hours is a normal day…the garden suffers.

I drove by a community center today, a couple of gyms, and a handful of churches, and thought about the people who also travel for business, and find their peace in a workout, or in a temple, and they can find those things while they are out of town on business. It made me wish there were such a place. A place where I could go pull a few weeds. A place where I could go play in the dirt for a minute. A place to take a breath and sit and pause for a moment.

Enjoy your gardens for me. I miss mine.

I’ll see if I have a draft hanging around to share with you before I can make it back home, and back to the earth.


9 comments on “Garden time?

  1. Miachel says:

    That’s intense. *hug*

  2. Preaching to the choir, Honey…Hope your home soon, and can wiggle your fingers and toes in the dirt again….

  3. Alice says:

    Oh, you are in great need of a weed-pulling marathon. Hoping you find a little spot of refreshment until you return.

  4. Shannon says:

    Alas, me too. No gardening going on here. Just grass-mowing and a bit of hand-pruning here and there. Boring. Getting excited about the “fall marathon” coming up. That’s the work I really look forward to – getting the fall and winter garden ready for growing FOOOOOD!

    • plumdirt says:

      When do you start planting your fall food? Last year I think I was a bit late (Oct 1st seed sowing outdoors) but on the other hand it seems too hot through September to risk the wee-ones outside…

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