Volunteer Acorn.


The past two springs here have given my backyard garden a blanket of volunteer squash. This year it wasn’t the mystery bowling ball variety, but instead every volunteer came up acorn. And then, too busy once again to keep vigil for Squash Bugs and Squash Vine Borers, one morning I glanced outside to see the blanket of squash leaves and pops of orange blossoms were gone. Deflated. Too late to save by attempting heroic efforts involving knives and twine or hand-picking and sprays. They were done for. I picked these this morning. Not from a bed of lush squash green, but from dried up and crispy beige. I left them on the dying vines as long as I could, hoping they’d find the energy necessary to ripen. Having never grown Acorn squash before, I have no idea how long they take to mature. I’d always assumed they would take months, like other winter squash, and thus avoided them as an on-purpose-plant. Fingers crossed these squeaked in under the wire!


2 comments on “Volunteer Acorn.

  1. Fingers crossed! The photo is stunning. Fortunately we don’t have Squash bugs or borers, and having read about them I’m so relieved, it must be so frustrating to see your efforts disappear before your eyes.

    • plumdirt says:

      Thanks! That is fortunate! I’m sure you have other pests or diseases that our area is without? Oddly, the one year I didn’t suffer from either, was also the year that none of the plants put out female blossoms. Makes one curious if the plant only tastes good when it’s producing fruit? The only squash that is still alive is also the only variety yet to set fruit this year…hmm…

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