Big dreams…

As the spring wandered off to make way for summer, the garden was still going strong. Now that summer’s tight grip has taken full hold of our air, I find the cabin fever setting in. Last year it took until August for the fever to hit. Today, it hit hard. I knew I needed to go out, and despite the blanket of steaming humidity, the imposing sun, and the absent breeze, I went out.

I stuck to the shade as best I could. Spraying the strawberries with some compost tea. As the shade traveled across the land, I started work in my backyard garden. Clearing out the blossoming arugula (that we never eat, but that keeps coming back). The long-since-bolted, seeds collected, and re-bolted lettuce made their way to the compost bin.

Just like that, I was out of shaded tasks. Having spent the entire day yesterday on the river (coated in SPF 70) I didn’t wish to subject my skin to another day drowning in sunscreen, and dare not go without it. So the tomatoes still need higher trellising on their posts. The peppers still need their caging. The melons still need netting and the last squash have likely lost to the borers and the bugs.

I headed indoors. I pulled out my graph paper pad. I pulled out my pencil and eraser. I set to work drafting my winter garden.

That’s right.

In a week or three, I’ll sow my brassica family veggies, my kales and my chards, and other winter garden varieties into seed trays indoors. Last year I direct sowed seeds October 1st and found my beds lagging behind those of the Farmer’s Market Farmers. This year, I’ll do my sowing in the comfortable 75 degree housing we occupy and let those cooler weather crops get a head start before dropping them out into the 90s it will have cooled down to by October 1st (I hope.)

And with that, I sigh. Sure. I have a long growing season – October through June – which is the inverse of most vegetable gardens I know about who have their three month “can’t grow” season during the winter months. It doesn’t change the fact that I miss the summers that mean playing outside all day. In my sighing. I start to dream. DH may be done with school as soon as two calendar years from now. It feels so far away sometimes, but I’m learning all too well how quickly time moves as you age. What used to take forever to pass (summer vacation as a child, anyone?) is now gone with the exhale of the wildflowers. Over. Spent.

A dream of ours, when he finishes school, is to see about moving. Last summer, we fell in love with Boulder. Sometimes, when I get frustrated with various frustrations, I take a peek at Boulder. It has yet to fail to make me yearn.

Case in point? 20 acres are for sale. That we could afford. That looks as picturesque as I only dreamed we would find.


Sometimes, the beauty of the world just makes my heart ache.

There are so many decisions to make in one’s life. So very many.


4 comments on “Big dreams…

  1. In Boulder, you’d be dealing with 100-degree days, and the possibility of frost in June…and water restrictions.
    On the east coast, hurricanes.
    New England…well, you’ve seen what I have this year.
    Every place has advantages and drawbacks when it comes to being outside and gardening, we just have to choose our poison…
    I dream of living and gardening in the Loire Valley…at least, that’s my current dream! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • plumdirt says:

      True! Every place has its drawbacks and its draws. I don’t mind the 100 degrees in Boulder. Last summer when we went it was 97 and glorious! Water restrictions are no stranger either, and I’ve found that digging the beds deep enough let them survive on watering twice a week most of the year, and once a week in the summers. The possibility of frost in June…that would be a new challenge! My folks are up in the Pacific Northwest here in the US, and they have almost a complete 180 from my issues. Too much water, too little heat, until there’s too much heat and the plants aren’t large enough to handle it, and then too much rain again… I’ve often thought the Ozarks would be perfect, but then I wouldn’t be near a town I liked. So many options! Perhaps I’ll just move to San Pedro, Belize, and grow carrots in the sand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Keep on dreaming, someday you’ll make those dreams come true!

  3. Well you certainly have a very long growing season …lucky you!

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