Long you’ve slept.

I’ve been dividing seeds to share. Finding and finding my seeds. I grew these once, (nearly if not) ten years ago.

Testing germination was a first for me. “Sow and see” was more for me. But these are for others. They might be counting on them. So sow and see has a new meaning.

Tiger eye beans are beautiful dried beans that taste akin to pinto. With more depth, as garden-grown food is known to do.

They’re an heirloom, as I try for most of my seeds to be, either officially or simply in age. If you’d like to grow some soup beans, I can’t recommend these enough for flavor, production, and now also I can say longevity of seed vitality. They’re on Seed Savers Exchange.



When crayons sweat.

When the crayons start to sweat before 9:30, it might finally be summer. Not that anyone here was likely eager for the switch to finally flip.


I learned this morning that it’s the first solstice in 49 years to also be the full moon.

I also got outside time thanks to an actual morning nap by the littlest. Just enough to finish mulching. The beans and winter squash have a fighting chance now.

Happy solstice, y’all.