When crayons sweat.

When the crayons start to sweat before 9:30, it might finally be summer. Not that anyone here was likely eager for the switch to finally flip.


I learned this morning that it’s the first solstice in 49 years to also be the full moon.

I also got outside time thanks to an actual morning nap by the littlest. Just enough to finish mulching. The beans and winter squash have a fighting chance now.

Happy solstice, y’all.


7 comments on “When crayons sweat.

  1. Shannon says:

    Going out tonight to shoot the moon. Love that they call it ‘Strawberry Moon.’ So much better than ‘Blood Moon.’ Enjoy the heat!

  2. Tina says:

    I’d never heard of Strawberry Moon, either. But it was a lovely one!

  3. Karen says:

    I look a bit like your crayons now that it’s summer here in Florida. 😀

  4. Mr. Bill says:

    I’ve seen the crayon sweat before – here in S. Florida. Its only one step until a gooey mess.

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