They nearly bounce.







The Velcro weed is allowed to exist, first of all because no one has had time (or medical clearance) to mow. Second of all, because it makes tiny little white flowers that the butterflies are enjoying, and third, because the mosquito hawks swarm in it for some unknown reason.



10 comments on “They nearly bounce.

  1. Tina says:

    You’re right! The mosquito hawks are always hanging around that weed. I’d noticed, but only sort of. I haven’t noticed butterflies at the blooms though. Guess I should look harder.

  2. Robbie says:

    soooo pretty! still brown out there :-(snow tomorrow but coming to your lovely blog is an uplift!

  3. Shannon says:

    Looking lovely! I bet you are itching to get back to work. Hope that bun isn’t making things too hard for you.

    As for mosquito hawks, they are a favorite food for bluebirds, warblers, and kinglets, great birds to have near your veggie garden.

    Spring is busting out here in Houston too. Did you know that we are STILL eating peppers from the garden? From plants last spring?! Two eggplant got a light trim and are LOADED with blossoms. Already three bite-sized tomato cultivar placed deeply into rich, crumbly soil. Earliest tomato planting ever! Gonna be a scorching summer though, so I’d better enjoy this early spring. Cheers, lady.

    • plumdirt says:

      Good to know about the birds! I have one bell pepper plant that has made it through and I’m leaving it to see what happens. I’m both curious and coming up short on bell pepper starts this year.
      I’m definitely itching like crazy. My tomatoes are going into new beds this year that have all of the leaves and fresh compost and paper layered but still need the cooked compost on top and I can’t do that. So I think tomatoes here will be right on time, although my super big gulp pots have been outside hardening off for a month already…

  4. Spring is barely waking up here in the DC area but the crocus are up and hellebore are about to bloom. Love those little daisies!

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