Those we do not speak of…

There are things we don’t speak of. We don’t show our fear, our pain, our weakness. Rarely does anyone admit to the rules out loud, but they’re there. Some days they’re louder. The demand for silence deafening such that the heart can hardly feel.

But then you’re alone again.

The silence washes over you. The fear, the pain, the weakness within…they hunger for the space and wander into the void slowly, blindly. Murmuring, whispering, their voices are found.  The first wail pierces the sky opening within and the pain is your only clue – you’ve hit your knees as the rain begins to fall.

I admire those who live beyond so many rules. I work on finding where and how to traverse such terrain, so unstable to my sense of balance. Because sometimes, often times, the break and the mess is exactly the strength and precisely the beauty.



8 comments on “Those we do not speak of…

  1. albert says:

    The break and the mess. Yes. And the photograph tells me something more about both the rules and the pain, fear, weakness.

    • albert says:

      (I think it has to do with being a parent. Or maybe with the child within.)

      • plumdirt says:

        It kinda has to do with whatever struggles one has that society deems uncouth to discuss. Struggles, loss, failures, imperfections. And learning to be brave and vulnerable and share those with others.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well, you surprised me with this post — I hope all is alright with you, or maybe you were in a philosophical mood. What I find so interesting about today’s day and age is the superficial sharing people do on social media, such as Facebook — usually using only emoticons or testing the waters to see how many likes they might get for being vulnerable. I think what many younger people have lost is the idea of process — of introspection, learning, strengthening. There’s a lot to be said for quiet strength. Be well, PD. Be well.

    • plumdirt says:

      Thank you, Kevin. All is well again. Just a short-lived health scare that brought up past scares that didn’t turn out so well as this one, and the processing of the interactions had outside one’s self during those times.

  3. Karen says:

    Your words are thought provoking, as are the comments. I’m happy all is well at the moment and hope it stays that way.

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