Getting started…

Never mind the massive amounts of hay grass and henbit getting started, or the ginormous fire ant mound (I’ve never seen a bigger one) also getting started…

What’s getting started outside that I want to be there?


Little squash action.

Little green bean sprouts…


And there’s also the finishers, like my sole surviving broccoli, kind enough to still put off side shoots while I leave it to feed the bees.


Work is madness this week. I hope you’re all well and happy and dirty!


6 comments on “Getting started…

  1. Shannon says:

    I love broccoli flowers! So do the bees, apparently. Mine have just gone to bolt, but we’re still popping off little florets to snack on in the yard. It’s really a no-mess, no-nonsense plant. Worth planting in any zone.

    Good luck with those fire ants. They suck. I don’t mind them anywhere except in my garden where I walk and pick. They are NOT welcome there, and I am relentless on them when they set up shop.

  2. More wet and cold than dirty, but that’ll come, soon enough…I’m taking hope, just looking at your seedlings!

  3. albert says:

    Never knew about henbit, broccoli flowers (surprisingly lovely!) or fire ants. I’m learning to garden the easy way– from my easy chair.

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