Southern color to brighten your day


They haven’t bloomed yet, but they’re thinking about it!


These guys dropped all their leaves in the freezes. I love seeing their new growth contrast with the purple stems.


I fully expected the decorative peppers to take a dirt nap (yeah, I said it) after our multiple nights in the 20s since I neglected to cover them. No dice. They’re blooming yet again to add color to the front walk.


Some seeds from a coworker (self-saved from a friend, hand-labeled Chinese forget-me-nots) made themselves known this week in the Heat Bed under the shade of some painted daisies.

I hope this quick post brought some sunshine to those under feet of crisp snow or days upon days of grey skies!

If it didn’t, this one might 😉



4 comments on “Southern color to brighten your day

  1. thebeadden says:

    Those are quite the tease for those of us still shoveling snow! I sure could go for one of those berries.

  2. Shannon says:

    Yeah! I’ve had no luck with strawberries, and since we’ve got a berry grower down the road, we just let them to all the work — and we just go pick.

    • plumdirt says:

      That’s a nice set-up! I only have room for about five plants, so during harvest I get 3-5 berries every 3-5 days. Just enough for fun, not enough to do much with…which is fine for how much time I have for this “doing stuff” nonsense 😉

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