August harvests

In my little speck of earth, there aren’t many harvests in August. Some of my gardening neighbors down at the Gardens have given up, cleared out, and are waiting for fall.

Others have given up, and are waiting to clear up until later – leaving any possible harvest to the birds and bugs.

But I’m a little too stubborn for that.

Peppers are still going. The bell peppers are thirsty ladies, and have slowed down, but the hotter, smaller, and drier the pepper, the happier they seem to be.

This cayenne, for example, had out done itself – literally. It made so many peppers it fell over.

That one plant  just gave us a heaping double handful.

I actually planted two this year. I’ve learned that a household really only needs one cayenne plant.

One of the prettiest peppers I’ve ever grown has made a comeback. Don’t these just make you think of the Christmas lights from the 50s?

And how about this? I grew a melon! I still feel like it should be bigger, but I’ll taste it all the same. It’s also possible I’m mis-remembering the qualities of the variety and really does only get this big. I have only had melons set fruit this year (third year trying) so perhaps next year I’ll have learned just that extra bit that helps them grow larger.

Some surprises from the backyard garden as well!


8 comments on “August harvests

  1. Alice says:

    Hot peppers–yay! I grew some cayenne 2 years ago, and was surprised to see some bug nibbles–bet they got a surprise.

  2. I love how you are so grateful for all your dear garden has offered you! Those are some beautiful peppers, a sweet melon, and carrots too.

  3. I love cayenne peppers to, kind of smokey flavours. And YAY a melon. Oh and those carrots look fabulous with the soil still on them, mine have been pants this year !

  4. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful melon. What is it? We are also prolific in peppers, but, thankfully, they are the sweet kind. I’ve been bringing in 5-10 red and green bells in per day. Recently, my children have been plucking them off the plant and eating them like apples! I’ve resorted to staking them (they’re HEAVY with fruit), and they’ve required no watering by me.

    • plumdirt says:

      What variety of bells are they? My bells give out about one pepper per three weeks…and they’re usually lucky to reach tennis ball size.

      The melon is a Tigger melon (seeds from Baker Creek.) I tasted it, and it tastes like a honeydew to me. Unfortunately, I don’t like honeydew, and neither does DH! So, not a do-over based on personal taste.

      If I ever get “too much space” (ha!) I’ll grow them again and give them away, they really are cute.

  5. putneyfarm says:

    Gorgeous photos…the peppers and carrots look great…we are bigs fans of “OPV” (other people’s vegetables)… 😉

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