Mysteries of a tree-ish nature.

There are a few mysteries growing in my wild bed that are starting to look more like trees than is appropriate for a plant living in such close quarters with the garage foundation and front walk.

Any ideas as to the general variety? If they’re this intent on surviving (and miraculously non-invasive and yet invading my bed) I’d like to attempt a transplant. If they are invasive, I’ll have to turn them into soil food.

Nancy Drew requested a close-up on the first one:

And from a distance:

Second on the agenda for Encyclopedia Brown  is this one with a less tree-like habit:

And the Hardy Boys had to have their turn as well. I’m fresh out of Tree-like Mysteries, but here’s a tall mystery all the same:


6 comments on “Mysteries of a tree-ish nature.

  1. Alice says:

    This Boxcar child wonders about the last photo as well–I’ll be watching for answers.

  2. Got no clue on the first one. The second might be a Chinese Elm (that’s the name I knew them by as a child). Weedy tree. Third one is probably a mulberry, so your call.

  3. Sorry, but I have a tree book I’d borrow you!

  4. Shannon says:

    No idea on the first (elm?), second is crepe myrtle, and the third may be a mulberry. Crepes (as trees) are really more like bushes (several suckers) that have been trained into one single trunk. If you transplant any of them, leave them lots of space to grow in!

    We have LOTS of trees growing in my beds, some 5-ft high already (I’m slow in moving or pulling them): pecan, soapberry, hackberry, crepe myrtle. The squirrels help tremendously with our unplanned tree growth.

    • plumdirt says:

      The neighborhood is full of crepe myrtles, so that would make sense. As would a mulberry (there’s one in the backyard.) Regardless of what they are, they’ll have to at least be moved (if not composted) but I figure I’ll wait until November or so to do it.

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