Sweet potatoes bought and grown.

In the foreground are the sweet potatoes, followed by the pepper patch, and finished up with the tomato jungle. Nevermind the leaning shovel and sunhat taking center stage.

Isn’t the foliage on the fish pepper lovely? I didn’t expect a varigated leaf from the description on the seed packet, but am absolutely adoring this plant (and it grows a lot of peppers!) DH says they taste like “a jalapeno bite without the jalapeno heat.”

The things I’ve read on sweet potatoes say how much they don’t need watering once established. They sure do seem to like the water we’ve had lately though. They’re trying to escape their bed, climb the corner post, and move into pepper territory.

Those are the sweet potatoes that sprouted in my pantry, that I cut into thirds, dusted with diatomaceous earth, and buried. I did buy some sweet potato sprouts this year as well. Let’s check in on their progress…

Unless the pantry potatoes are all show and no potato, I know what I’ll be doing again next year…


6 comments on “Sweet potatoes bought and grown.

  1. Great comparison! Potatoes are on the list for next year – it’ll be our first time!

  2. Potatoes for me next year too! Confession–I have never grown potatoes! I know–crazy!

  3. I’ve never tried growing sweet poatoes, they can be a bit tricky here – not a long enough season, but I do want to try them at least once. And I loved the sunhat image 🙂

    • plumdirt says:

      I haven’t either! We’ll see how they go. My only experience with potatoes of any sort was growing up I used to beg my dad to plant purple potatoes each year and most years he obliged with a hill or two of them. I didn’t learn anything about the process, but did so enjoy their color – roasted or mashed!

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