Tomatoes gone wild!

I meant to stake these tomatoes ages ago…I meant to plant them about two weeks before I had a chance to do so, and then to stake them I was about…oh, six weeks later.

Life getting in the way of gardening.

Better late than never! Stakes in the ground, thanks to DH and a post-driving-contraption of his father’s.

Things I learned are good to have for this process:

  • Ear plugs! Driving metal T-posts in with a metal T-post contraption is loud.
  • T-posts > U-posts. U posts are broader and have troublesome hooks on them that have to be hammered down before the post can fit in the contraption.
  • T-post drivers are handy. Much easier (and safer) than giant hammers, and much faster than regular-sized hammers.

Stakes need string! I had intended to trellis these posts akin to a vineyard, and use stretchy green tomato tape to attach the tomatoes to the trellising…perhaps next year. So this year – more string it is.

These tomatoes are fairly well behaved, considering that they’re overgrown as they are.

These other tomatoes…well, they can’t all behave can they?

But, they’re all behaving well in the fruit-setting realm!

I expect these guys to come out yellow/orange in the end. I saved them from a farmer’s market “candy basket” last  year that I’m hoping to recreate. It had mini purple tomatoes the size of fat peas or small grapes, pear-shaped yellow-orange tomatoes, cherry-sized green stripies, and red-orange little gum drops. When they ripen, I’ll share photos in case anyone knows their names!

And my now trusty standby: Cherry Chadwicks!


5 comments on “Tomatoes gone wild!

  1. Spoon says:

    I’m surprised they allowed you to put such filth on this website. 😉

    • plumdirt says:

      We picked the main harvest of soup beans last night in the fading light – most of them were completely covered in dirt from the rains. Things get dirty around here 😉

  2. Sigh….my seedlings have just been allowed out of the basement. We still have the occaisional night below 50…
    Yours look wonderful!

    • plumdirt says:

      We’re in the 80s during the day (a week of 90s two weeks ago) and nights maybe into the sixties, maybe not out of the 70s. And, unexpectedly (and gloriously) LOTS of rain! We got 2 inches in an hour last Thursday, and storms every 2-3 days for the last ten days. Things are growing faster than I can keep up with (obviously.)

      Your tomato growing season extends through the summer though, yes? If I don’t get fruit by June, I’m usually out of luck until October. Nothing fruits in late July, August, or early September due to the heat.

  3. Louis says:

    Awesomeness. I wish I had the room to grow that many tomato plants.

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