The spring rains are here?

I add a point of inquisition (a fun way to say ” question mark”) because my previous experience of the last eight years here has no history of spring rains. DH claims they were here when he was a child. That the rainy season has similar raining habits, but shifts its timing during the calendar year.

This weekend held hopes of finishing the weeding and turning of the Right Bed in the community gardens, so my tomatoes could escape their Sonic cups on time.

I’m not certain this soggy soil will allow my dreams to come true this time.

Never fear! Chill hours are good for the plum tree, the water may give us sweeter mulberries, and a restless evening brings…bad decisions.


After melting, adding eggs, sugar, cocoa, and vanilla it was ready for the oven.


A quick run to the store later, and the doubly bad decision is just about ready.


If you can believe it, this chocolaty indulgence of epic proportions wasn’t even my idea! As DH said, ” You’re welcome, and I’m sorry.”

Stomach ache, here I come!


One comment on “The spring rains are here?

  1. Everyone needs to indulge, every now and then…
    Brownies and ice cream sound perfect!

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