Mysterious Volunteer – do you know who this is?

It sprouted in my veggie beds, from premature composting (a habit I can’t seem to kick.) The seed it sprouted from was large, and roughly resembling a squash seed. A sucker for a good mystery, I saved it from the spading and put it in a seed tray indoors. Let’s hope it grows large enough to solve the mystery!


2 comments on “Mysterious Volunteer – do you know who this is?

  1. It probably IS a squash, but if you had more than one variety growing close by last season, it might not be what you’re expecting…squash hybridize very easily!
    We had more than a few in our compost pile last summer!

  2. plumdirt says:

    Ah, that could very well be! I’m used to squash sprouts that are smooth rounded leaves that come up like praying hands and then open flat.

    I had some DELICIOUS mystery squash (probably a skewed version of the grocery store hybrid) last year. Unfortunately, the squash bugs agreed with me…

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