A homesteading kind of day


A little sandwich bread for the week thanks to my 40ish year old Joy of Cooking.


A pan of frozen tomatoes from the garden abundance of 2012 willing their way into spaghetti sauce (with DH’s deft assistance.)

This year’s winter garden is crawling along the cloudy days. Cabbage and chard, broccoli and kale, garlic and onions, and some pea and lettuce sprouts crossing their leaves for the harder freezes being over for the season.

I don’t think I would’ve managed a winter garden this year without DH. He hauled the manure and turned it in. He gathered (*cough* nicked from the curb *cough*) leaves for insulating (and feeding) mulch. He’s kept a mind on the watering and an eye on the forecast. He’s been truly wonderful (per usual, honestly.)

Why all of the extra help? The ankle is still healing and physical therapy is progressing, but these days, more than that, is all of the energy I’ve been allocating to growing something else 😉