Where? When?

I was intent on sowing the next crop between the leeks. Black-eyed peas, specifically, since I’m not allowed any more tomatoes (which I still don’t like… I know…) and don’t have access to any more peppers (which are either too hot for me, but grow well for me, or I love to eat, but can’t seem to get a good crop off of…) and it’s not *quite* sweet potato time. Well, and I’d have to dig up the leeks to sow those.

But I can’t actually see the ground between these lovelies. I can if I squat. I can if I really try. But then I figure I’d disturb the little bean roots (or are they technically peas?) when I do start pulling leeks. So… the first sowing went between the onion rows instead.

I do have to wait for these to fall over, right? Are we talking days still? Or weeks yet?

And curing them is a day in the shade or the sunshine before a week in the garage? I’ll need to recheck.

It’s… Wednesday, right?


6 comments on “Where? When?

  1. shoreacres says:

    Not now — now it’s Thursday. I think. Let me check…. yup. Thursday. And now I’m thinking of potato leek soup.

    • plumdirt says:

      Mmmm. The leeks are definitely destined, in part, for soup. Perhaps also for soufflé or quiche? And stir fries and… I should ask the chef.

  2. albert says:

    I’m a bit off my game too
    But for me that’s not new

  3. Tina says:

    I’m with Shoreacres. I hope you made soup, before it gets too hot.

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