My help pick the little balls.


5 comments on “My help pick the little balls.

  1. Tina says:

    Sigh. I remember the days of that kind of help. 🙂

    • plumdirt says:

      It’s as sweet as it is insistent. 🙂

    • plumdirt says:

      Hey! Are you at all familiar with how a plumeria might like to be planted here?
      I received a plumeria as a gift. Research had me hesitant on where to plant it. “Sun and not too much” and “wet and well drained…” any insight would be much appreciated!

      • Tina says:

        The ones I’ve seen are all in containers and seem to be mostly in sun. Definitely they need to be indoors in winter. Hope you have a spot for one, they’re lovely.

      • plumdirt says:

        We had a lime tree wearing twinkle lights in our living room one year… We’ll have to find room or perhaps regift it to a cousin on the coast.

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