Around and around it goes.

From soil to seed to pan to freezer to pot to pile to soil.

There’s now a “stock bag” in the freezer as a permanent resident. Carrot tops, onion skins, garlic butts, celery ends: they all go in the bag as they depart from their meatier bits that are bound for the pan.

When the bag is full, it goes in a pan to boil and salt, salt and boil, until there’s the most lovely green broth with which to base a soup.

The simmered remnants go to the compost pile, where they transform into soil to feed the future harvest of carrots and onions…


4 comments on “Around and around it goes.

  1. Tina says:

    When is dinner?

  2. albert says:

    And to think all that goes into the trash at my house. I need to repent. Or my Dear does. Neither of us have learned enough about the circle you refer to in the title.

    • plumdirt says:

      My first compost bin as an adult was a covered plant pot on my balcony. You, too, can use your bits for soup and your soup bits for soil.

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