Popcorn rain

“On Tuesday, when there was popcorn rain, we moved away from the windows and we moved into the libing room to be away from the windows.”

I hope I never call hail “hail” again.

Speaking of popcorn, the colors of seeds and silk are inverse from our sweet corn.


4 comments on “Popcorn rain

  1. Shannon says:

    Kids have the best perspective, don’t they? Glad it was only little hail …

    My fourth grade kiddos at the school gardens coined the ‘worm cupcakes’ to refer to the flipped over compost bags that hold the cardboard sheet mulch in place. Perfect! I’m stealing it.

    • plumdirt says:

      I was glad, too. It was the first non-snow white out I’d been in. The hail gave way to rain like I’d never seen (nor had the longer lived Texans with me.) I couldn’t see my yard out the windows.
      That’s fantastic! Sometimes I don’t work on the “correct” terms for things because I like hers too much. Who cares if she calls strawberry applesauce “pink sauce”? I sure don’t and life is more fun her way usually.

  2. albert says:

    The seeds and the silk are something else! I missed those wonders. It was always all husks, all cobs. Good photographs.

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