The underneath.

A perpetual chard that perpetually grew until it finally lost to Texas summer. 

A potted parsley planted and left for a year or so that’s gone to seed.

A misplaced mysterious melon. 

Malabar spinach’s inaugural year.

Complete with unexpected flowers.

And nearby neighbors.


9 comments on “The underneath.

  1. albert says:

    I could say how these photos remind me of inner experiences . . .if I thought that backyard gardens weren’t experience enough. So I prefer to look at thwm, and think about gardening myself. (Not myself literallyou, although I probably do too much of that already. I menth working with soil and seeds and things)

  2. albert says:

    Sorry, shaky the fingers. Should be “. . .look at them” – “literally” – and “I meant”

  3. Shannon says:

    Looks lovely! ‘Lost to Texas summer’ is pretty much the whole garden now, rain or no, except for peppers still cranking. I miss the okra the most.

    Is the Malabar spinach the vine-y plant? So pretty, those flowers.

    • plumdirt says:

      It is! Supposedly you can eat it. We’ve been unable to put the slightest dent in the sweet potato greens, so these have been left to their own devices. I haven’t had good pepper luck in this new house yet. Maybe next year.

  4. Alice says:

    Is the Malabar Spinach tasty?

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