The ants have bloomed.

I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Deluge after deluge and then a pause. I could escape! The tomatoes need to come out as they stopped earning their keep weeks and weeks ago. 

I stepped into the garden and the ground was moving. My skin was on edge. There were multi lane freeways and block parties of ants in every bed, in every path, on every post. 

My husband had read about a new bait he’d been wanting to try: peanut butter and borax. He whipped up a batch and I set about with a spoon.

This was two weeks ago now. They nearly disappeared for a week. Today was round two. 

I think I’ll stick to a three day cycle to try and truly banish them for at least a little while. Between the ants, mosquitos, and poison oak, outside is a little more vicious this year than most.

But then there’s this …

My storm drain has never looked so nice.


6 comments on “The ants have bloomed.

  1. Tina says:

    You have a lovely storm drain…

  2. Karen says:

    You do indeed have a lovely storm drain. Good luck with the ants…it seems they like your concoction.

  3. Shannon says:

    PB&B is great bait! Just be sure the helpings are small enough (and placed strategically) that other animals don’t join the suicide party; it can kill more than ants (think cardinals, jays).

    The ants and I have reached an accord. They stay out of the garden, I let them have the yard. 😀

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