Teeny tiny nom.

Do you see it? No?

 How about now?

Not anymore. “Tomato? Mmmm…I like tomatoes. I’m chewing. All gone.”

This little plant hitched a ride a long way. From kitchen to compost. Compost to garden bed. Garden bed to front bed in the soil surrounding a (still unhappy) rosemary plant. It grew. And grew. Dodging lawnmower blades and only getting misty watering twice a week, it grew. 

Perhaps next year I’ll plant an intentional tomato there. 


5 comments on “Teeny tiny nom.

  1. Robbie says:

    My tomatoes were filled with weedes this summer, I could not see mine for they were so weedy:-) I thought they tasted horrible this year the ones that survived. OH well, there is alwyas next year:-)

  2. Shannon says:

    Volunteers never fail me. It’s why I refuse to box and/or cage in my garden. I just build the compost pile where the plants are already growing!

    Grape, cherry, and Romas are the mater variety that grow best for me (I don’t water or ‘tend’) and come back every year. I threw in the towel for hybrid slicers back in 2011 — all they do is attract insects and squirrels and require babying.

    • plumdirt says:

      I’m still fighting that fight for some heirloom slicing ones. This year I won up until the squirrels outsmarted my bird netting. So next year it’s strawberry containers.

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