Say hello.

Sometime when I wasn’t looking this wee little blog acquired more than fifty followers.


I’d like to get to know you quiet ones a little better (and you not so quiet ones even more!) SO how about sharing as much or as little as you like in the comments here?

If a prompt will help you, let’s see…

Robots or ninjas?
Sandwich or salad?
Stinkiest plant?
Garden or cook?

And for fun, here’s a happy Buddha perched precariously by two careful little hands among the cilantro-hopefully-turning-coriander.


(If you’re looking for the cute baby butt, it has been cropped out for future-older-kiddo privacy concerns.)


7 comments on “Say hello.

  1. Patsy Bowman says:

    Hello! I love in NC. I am 65 a senior citizen, a flower gardener and a few herbs &
    Tomatoes. love animals, especially dogs & cats. A 3 yr breast cancer survivior.
    Love your blog.
    Sincerely, Patsy

    • plumdirt says:

      Hi Patsy! Nice to “meet” you. Thank you for playing along. Bravo on your three years! I’d love to hear from you again anytime you’d like. I am always open to new ideas, tips, and howdys. – Allison

  2. Shannon says:

    One of your original followers, I’m guessing. Still can’t believe we are still hanging around here! 50 followers = Rock Star.

    Ninja Robots. And salad sandwiches since we don’t do meat or cheese, and I can’t stand the smell tomato leaves put on my hands after picking fruits. Definitely ‘garden’ because then I don’t have to cook (a/k/a/ prep, stand around, clean up afterward). Oh the joy of popping a fruit or leaf straight into my awaiting mouth!

    I’m not sure which I love better. The happy Buddha or the nakey bootie. There’s joy in that garden space. 😀

  3. Zombies over robots or ninjas. I’ll cook if I feel like it but if not I’ll order take out. I’d rather garden than cook but love to bake. I also love that your child is buck nekkid in the garden. Salad and sandwiches are good as long as the salad doesn’t include Cool Whip or fruit cocktail because that is not a salad! Must always have a dog or four or five. 🙂

    • plumdirt says:

      Eeeek, zombies. I can’t do zombies so much…
      I hear you on baking! I totally didn’t mean to have the background in that shot. Cute, but a little over share for the future older kiddo…I’ll have to update it.

  4. Karen says:

    I guess you could call me a gypsy because I moved from Florida to New Hampshire and then to Florida which I said I would never move back to…never say never. 😀 Well at least I’m not in south Florida among the crowds. Karen

    • plumdirt says:

      I can relate. I have sworn I will never move back to the Pacific Northwest but it’s looking more and more tempting as time goes on… I’m glad you’re enjoying your new/familiar terrain. I’m sure it was/is quite the change.

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