Seasonal is as seasonal does.

It’s still odd to me. It’s citrus season here. It’s chilly out. No real winter yet, even by our standards of “winter” and yet this is normal citrus season. I’m worried about the bugs this coming year if we don’t get a good freeze soon…

But the potted citrus are enjoying much more time outside than in usual years when they decorate our kitchen.
Kumquats seeing their best year yet.
Marmalade anyone?

Bill, the Persian Lime, is still ripening fruit from the past season, but he likes to multi-task.



Oscar the Meyer Lemon is trying to both grow leaves (of which he has terribly few) and set buds for blossoms. I’ll be knocking those off as they appear. If he can’t manage to keep leaves through a season I don’t want him worrying about setting fruit just yet.

There are two mandarin oranges left on the tree that we’ll snack on now that buds are beginning there as well.

Finally, not a citrus, but Elian the Avocado, is pushing new leaves through like its going out of style. DH is talking again about planting him in the ground near a pond nearby…but I’m still hesitant. Elian is a volunteer from years ago who has grown quite tall under our care, but as a volunteer I have no information regarding his variety. Avocados of any variety don’t seem too tolerant below 25 degrees, and we do drop below 25 degrees some years. I’d hate to lose him in an freeze, but I also know that in a pot he’ll always struggle to find happiness.


11 comments on “Seasonal is as seasonal does.

  1. How exotic! And wonderful…to live in a climate where such things happen in the winter. Making marmalade from your own citrus sounds amazing. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    We have ONE orange on our tree, and THREE kumquats. I’m very excited. I’d love to get an avocado, be we regularly drop into the 20’s. I might still try, and keep him warm with the oldschool Christmas lights and a frost blanket during winter.

    Did I read correctly that the trees have names? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that! I might have to do the same.

    • plumdirt says:

      Exciting! A few hours south of us near the coast is a tree guy who has topped his avocado tree three times, but it’s still 30 feet tall. Maybe he wants a second one? And yes, the lime, avocado, Meyer lemon, and both plum trees have names. Somehow the orange and kumquat remain nameless. There’s a cactus with a name also…I think those are it these days.

  3. My poor Lemony Sunshine did not set any fruit or blossoms this season and was dropping more leaves than she was putting out. She seems to be a bit happier now and I have notices more leaves starting again – I think her summer vacation outside on the deck may have been a bit stressful and too long for her this year…sounds like Oscar may be a bit temperamental this year too!

  4. Robbie says:

    citris-wow! My door locks are frozen shut-lol. Your garden looks lovely:-)
    I still get a kick out of your “named” plants-Elian the avocado!

  5. Karen says:

    It is certainly citrus season here in Florida as well. I’ve thought about planting a lemon and lime tree in our back yard…I use both so often.

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