Equinox and then some.

There’s also a super moon and a solar eclipse today. Busy day in the universe!
It’s been a rough day in the household today with life’s little hiccups all piling on heavy this week and culminating this morning. Nothing catastrophic. Nothing tragic. Just the wearing building and building too long.
It’s cloudy here with a light mist, so likely no eclipse or super moon for me. If you spot either, please do share.

I planted some of the tomato transplants last night with a baby in my lap. She was mesmerized. We helped DH reattach the fence to a reset fence post between plantings. I’ve sown carrots and beets that haven’t come up, and my peas are fighting the good fight against the snails though I’m not sure they’ll come out victorious. Chadwick’s lettuce is proving to be as reliable and sturdy as his cherry tomatoes, as they are the only seeds to sprout so far. And the teeny strawberry sprouts have the most charming little real leaves now.

Now if only the internet could transport scent, we’d be set.

Thanks to Tina, I believe that I’ve learned this lady’s name: Martha Gonzalez.


5 comments on “Equinox and then some.

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Well that lady is a pretty one! 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    I hope you like Marth as much as I do–a lovely plant. I remember those long days with babies….

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