Is it just miserable out?

“Is it just miserable out?” the barista asked, smile slathered in warmth and charm.
I knew I was supposed to say yes, or at least I presumed “yes” was what one said in such small talk situations.
“Pretty much. It’s winter out,” I replied.
He poured my coffee. Another barista, looking more the part than the first, took my money. I doctored my drink and thought, “It can’t be miserable out. Out has no misery. It’s just winter being winter. How can anything be miserable being exactly what it is?” The words played and parried. I sipped and doctored again and stirred and sipped.
They’d forgotten my croissant.


It’s not miserable out. Cold for Central Texas? Yes. Cold for winter in Central Texas? Not at all. It’s just winter being winter. And we need the winter. It helps regulate the mosquitos folks will gripe about in coming months (myself included, as I, apparently, am one of “those people” they find especially tasty.) I believe, although I couldn’t say where I got the notion, that more chill hours is one of the factors of a spectacular showing of wild flowers in Aprilish.


I do hope the ice farther north in the state didn’t zap any early blossoms for farmers of stone fruit or other delicately disposed food or finance sources.


But no, Barista, sir, it is not just miserable out. I found the thin veneer of ice on my car this morning quite quaint and slightly magical.



7 comments on “Is it just miserable out?

  1. Shannon says:

    “It’s just winter being winter.” We got a little of that going on today for sure. Yesterday, 70’s. Today, 40’s and windy and misty. Yes, the cold is to make for a mosquito-less summer. They are so very correlated.

    I love your macro shots! Another blogger (who lives near Houston too) just posted that SAME wildflower, only with a slightly different perspective ( I have many of the same flower in my gardens and yard; it’s why I’m not mowing yet. Cheers…and stay warm.

  2. Karen says:

    I love your outlook about winter but it is miserable here in New England. 🙂

    • plumdirt says:

      Oh, yes, quite! There are definitely miserable weather days in the world. So many snow storms all in a row is not winter being winter, but in fact it’s winter thinking the parents have left for the weekend and a party is due.

  3. Robbie says:

    lovely photos:-) I had no idea you call that “winter” -tee hee. My parents lived in San Antonio + Corpus for a decade after I left home. I use to visit + all I remember of texas was HOT-lol
    I can’t wait to see your garden-it will be amazing + you can grow year round:-) well, cole corps in your winter-yum!

    • plumdirt says:

      It’s taken me years of acclimatization to consider this “winter.” My first winter here I don’t think I ever wore a jacket. Now that my body has adjusted to withstand so much heat, I need a sweatshirt if it drops to 70 degrees.

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