Attempted Murder

These little sprouts have been stretching steadily toward the light a few inches above their heads. As I tend to do this time of year, I get forgetful, neglectful, overrun with life. This year was no different, and I wandered into the spare room to find the poor sprouts gasping for water.

They’ve since been watered and babbled at by an interested baby, so surely they’ll recover as though nothing ever happened. One can hope.



12 comments on “Attempted Murder

  1. I do that all the time. I hope they bounce back for you. Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Hopefully the baby babbling does magical things! At least baby hasn’t picked them yet…

    • plumdirt says:

      Oh, good point! I didn’t set her down and keep the door closed. I was more worried about the tray getting upended, but she did figure out how to “harvest” parsley.

  3. I have a sign taped to the wall above my coffee pot that says PLANT LIGHTS or they’d either die in the dark or fry in too much light. I hope yours recovered!

    • plumdirt says:

      Thank you! My husband had an outlet timer that I pilfered for the lights after the kale got a little too toasty months back. This round it was lack of water. I like the idea of your sign though, and the placement sounds perfect!

  4. Great title, when I read it I thought I’m guilty of this crime as well! I have to start my winter seeds in the next week there are bound to be some casualties!

  5. Wishing your little plants all the stamina they need to flourish and you, and your babbling baby a lovely winter-into-spring!

  6. Robbie says:

    I can relate:-) I have been using “coir” to start all my seedlings. I have found it a great medium. First year, I am using it for all of my seedlings. If I forget one day, they are gone!
    When I had small kids, I don’ t know if I could of stayed on top of it-LOL-I admire you ability to do it-You go girl-great job!

    • plumdirt says:

      Ha! Thanks! We’ll see how it goes. I bought some coir and used it in the bottom of the plugs with seed starter on top. Is there a trick you’ve found to breaking the coir up from the bricks it comes in? The brick I bought soaked and soaked and didn’t expand at all, I had to sit and pry it all apart from itself and it took a good while. Is that normal or did I miss something?

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