Pull the grass. Burn the grass.


Or: Why? How do you dispose of your invasives while adding ash to your soil?


4 comments on “Pull the grass. Burn the grass.

  1. Robbie says:

    I burn the tall dried grasses we have on our property early spring. I let it stand all winter long so the little animals have places to hide. My husband likes to burn it but I tried to mulch it back into the soil but it was always too large. We got a chipper this fall + I am thinking about trying the
    dried ornamental grasses in that thingy. I don’t recommend having that type of thing around small kids-that thing is SCARY! We are putting all the yard debris in it and composting it back into the beds for mulch.
    My husband LOVES to burn but it makes me nervous to burn stuff. Our city does not let you do it, but we have our bon fire and use some of it in there:-)

    • plumdirt says:

      Chippers aren’t to be taken lightly, that’s for sure! I, too, like to leave the dead twigs of perennials up in the winter for hungry foragers or scared creatures wanting a hiding place. These grasses don’t grow tall though, just long arms crawling along the earth. I’ve tried composting and mulching with them before and didn’t do it very well – my beds got full of grass! (Same when I tried mulching with hay…an unexpected cover crop.)

  2. Karen says:

    Once I’ve pulled my grasses, I let them dry out a little and then I take and dump them into the woods where it is too shady for them to grow.

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