Three months later…

Hello, world.

How have you been?

I’ve thought of you.

Let’s catch up a little, shall we? Over coffee, perhaps?

Last I left this story, it was four days before our wedding. The wedding was perfect. The most relaxing, beautiful, amazing, there-aren’t-enough-positive-adjectives-for-it perfect day. For all my want for eloping leading up to the day itself, I think everyone should have such glorious days full of love more often. Who’s to say we shouldn’t re-marry our spouses every year?

We headed to a lake house for the weekend after.

There were untold numbers of air plants in the trees.

And the blue bonnets were just getting started…

The fruit trees were putting on a show (apple? cherry? I have forgotten how to tell…)

The sunsets were lovely, and enjoyed sipping hot cocoa.

Then it was back to the real world, and six weeks of travel for work. Emptying the luggage into the washing machine, transferring to the drier, and then folding and putting back into the luggage for another trip. Needless to say, the garden took a back seat…


5 comments on “Three months later…

  1. Shannon says:

    Yes, we should re-marry our spouses occasionally!!

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and post. I like to think that one was for me. 🙂 Your travel schedule certainly explains the post lapse between, a good excuse too, given your newly newlywed duties.

    Cheers, girl! The “Paper” anniversary will come and go before you know it, and when and if you have kids, keeping up with the time that’s left is a bit like holding onto a salamander or tree frog. Can’t seem to keep it even for a second, then it just slips away.

    • Shannon says:

      PS – my garden is much smaller too. But it can wait. It’s all good.

    • plumdirt says:

      I’m not sure what we’ll do for anniversaries since we waited so long to get married…maybe we’ll just add ten to every one? First wedding anniversary will be 10+1, or perhaps 10.1? 😉 Not a lot is different, being married after so long together, but it does have a lovely shift,a small change, like the last piece was slightly out of alignment and slid into place.

  2. Congratulations!
    Welcome back–ahh a vacation is a nice thing!

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