Winter wonder


It hit 80 degrees Fahrenheit today. The strawberries have been growing slowly, white with green seeds, for weeks. This silly strawberry turned red today. The bottom is still white. Perhaps I should install some reflection apparatus to brighten the underside 😉 I even found time to sow tomatoes and peppers the other evening. It’s a month late, but we do what we do when we can do it around here. Five weeks until the wedding! I’m getting more excited for the celebration (and more anxious about the event details) by the day. I have to say it is absolutely splendid to have nothing but joy about the actual marriage part, even if I have quite solidified the self-knowledge that I gain no pleasure (nor am I very good at) coordinating colors, creating timelines for good flow, or otherwise planning such a large (albeit small by wedding standards) party.


6 comments on “Winter wonder

  1. putneyfarm says:

    We would like 80 degrees, and good luck with your upcoming marriage!

  2. Back up – 80? For real?
    What an odd winter…
    Only five more weeks…it’ll be fine. It’s just a party, right?
    (I should point out that the last time I got married, we called a couple of friends and two of my kids 2 days before, and had them meet us at a restaurant…planning isn’t my strong suit. 😉 )

    • plumdirt says:

      Three days in a row!

      If everyone would stop asking which white napkin (of the eleven white napkin options available) I wanted and trust me when I say “I don’t care” or “hang the twinkle lights where ever you think looks nice, I’m good with whatever” it would be a lot easier.

      The party itself I’m looking forward to. The being married on our tenth anniversary is going to be my favorite fairytale. The answering so many questions about things I don’t have any information or opinion on… that will be nice when it’s over 🙂

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