Heat bed in the misty morning.


My first attempt at a landscape bed makes me smile. The fragrant mimosa has grown as tall as I am. I missed the part about it having thorns though. Fortunately, the wind blows east most days on our street, which encourages the branches to leave the walkway open by growing up and away from it. The Mexican Bush Sage has not lost the blossoms it put on in May. The orange fellows nearly died seven times this summer but perked up each time I noticed their distress. The Moss Verbena I accidentally ended with an over-zealous weeding, and the only surviving…I forget… has more than quintupled in size and has just put on the most delicate of purple blossoms. Now there are African marigolds putting on buds and other flowers sprouted, yet to reveal their nature. Mostly, this bed makes me smile for the overgrown beside the empty. The thorns near the delicate. And also, because quite by accident, I learned something about myself – apparently I like purple and orange together.


3 comments on “Heat bed in the misty morning.

  1. …but only in the flower bed, for that color combo…:D
    Looks great, and it will only get better.

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