Short ‘n sweet.

This little Lemon Basil (success at growing basil from seed! finally!) has enjoyed the shade of the carrot greens while adapting to the ways of the outside world.

These two characters made me laugh when I saw them. It takes some special kind of talent to hang from the very thing you’re eating.

I used to pull the snails when I found them, dropping them in soapy water or taking them down to the pond. Then upon closer observation I noticed they left all of my food alone, and spent their time devouring the spent vines, the decomposing leaves, and the other not-quite-yet-composted goodies on the surface. Since then, I’ve left them to their own devices in the garden. Hopefully they’re not the ones responsible for the Squash Disappearing Act?


3 comments on “Short ‘n sweet.

  1. Alice says:

    maybe they are th culprits–funny fellows.

  2. Miachel says:

    Cute critters (and hopefully harmless).

    Dang, the lemon basil must smell heavenly.

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