The peppers haven’t minded the heat, or the cool front, and are churning out their fruit like the good little food-producers they are.

What I learned about peppers recently:

  • Anaheim peppers will turn brownish, and then bright red. They are less bitter the longer they ripen.
  • They don’t need tomato cages like I thought. They do fall over when they get laden with fruit, but that’s ok with me.
  • Planting them at 15″ instead of 18″-24″ will let their canopies shade the ground so they don’t get so hot and dry so quickly (even when I forget to mulch for the third time come July…)
  • Bell peppers that start out purple just might turn orange on you.
  • Fish peppers are the most interesting looking peppers I’ve ever seen, and grow on the prettiest of plants. It’ll be a walk-way lining plant next year instead.

Think there are enough Anaheim peppers on this branch?

Fish pepper plant looking lovely…

And the peppers themselves just get cooler looking!

I call these “button bells” – they don’t really get much bigger than this. I’m guessing it’s my water restrictions.

As for the cayenne…they just won’t quit! I have a Ristra, and a bowlful, and am about to try my hand at drying them for grinding.


6 comments on “Peppers!

  1. Alice says:

    Mmmm the smell of peppers is hard to beat. I love the little stripey fellow.

  2. Never saw the fish peppers before – how do they taste?
    My Pathetic Peppers have decided to put on a late-season burst…we’ll see if there’s enough daylight left for them to ripen!

    • plumdirt says:

      DH says “they taste like jalapenos without the back-end bite.”

      I can tell you that when he cooks them, they tease at tickling my throat, but don’t make me cough like jalapenos do (and definitely not like habaneros do.)

  3. Shannon says:

    Do you know that I’m JUST NOW getting to old email blog deliveries in my inbox? Peppers are the most awesome fruit! Give ’em a little and they give you a lot. A LOT. I’m planting way more peppers next year. Lovely post. Hope all’s well!

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