My guess is that if Tarzan lived here, he’d swing from morning glory vines. I cannot tell you how satisfying it was to finally find the base of this invasion and tear it out. I have been back in No Time To Garden Land, but a cold front blew in last night just in time for a free Saturday. (Cold fronts in Texas this time of year means a high of only 92° AND a low of 60° AND a near constant breeze. Which translates to the first time we’ve been able to open the windows in the house since April.. .for an hour.) Posts of the progress soon!


9 comments on “Tarzan

  1. Shannon says:

    I have at least 10 different varieties of wild vines that I “manage” on our property. I typically must cut it at the base and then with a sponge brush, paint a petroleum mixture on the stump to kill it for good. Love that the cool weather is coming! We almost camped tonight; windows will definitely be open.

    • plumdirt says:

      No fun! I bet you get some serious vines where you are.

      Camping sounds glorious! We almost always go in February for our anniversary, and skipped the trip this year. We’re hoping to make a weekend of it in October instead.

      • Shannon says:

        Oooo, yes camping. It didn’t happen (too lazy). October is my month (our month). The 1st week of that month is always celebrated in love – it’s when Scott and I officially fell in love. Plus, it’s always nice when we get a reprieve from 6 months of burning hell (wet hell, since it’s Houston).

  2. Alice says:

    Yay for cooler weather! What a vine–definitely Tarzan material. Open windows–what a glory!

  3. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! (other than de-vining, that is!)

  4. Oh goodness, I have wild morning glory also, that loves to choke my shrubs and plants–but none as large a base as yours. We also have Creeping Virginia, and another unidentified vine that is killing our large pine trees! be gone vine!

    • plumdirt says:

      Oh no! I don’t know what the other vine is that I battle, it looks more like a classic ivy to me, but I could be very wrong. There are a few that (thankfully) aren’t in my gardens, but do try and take down trees along the thickets here. Good luck in your battle!

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