And they’re all / going to / Bug City / for the night…

I apologize in advance for the graininess of the close-ups! Wrong lens in poor light – double whammy…

However – double plus bonus points for anyone who recognizes the song quoted as the title!

I guessed that this guy was a “bag bug” and he met his end shortly after this shot was taken.

I had let myself believe the mealy bugs wouldn’t return this year. Just when I thought we were safe (and just when I stopped taking good care of the plants in the backyard beds…which is always how it goes…you’d think I’d learn 😉 ) they’ve returned.

If I had it in for any bug more than a squash bug, it would be these. They were what tried to kill my Oxalis. They completely decimated my tomatoes in 2010. As much as I cannot squish caterpillars, I can squish these with my bare fingertips without hesitation.

Oddly enough, they also like Blanketflowers?

This crawler, I have no idea. Do you?

This is only the evidence. The caterpillar, and subsequent moth, are long gone. If you ever see a leaf curled up like this, be sure to make certain the tunnel is empty!

This guy, I wasn’t 100% sure on. I am slowly learning my adult-bug identification, but at the nymph stage…I’m farther behind.

With a side view, I could see his striped antennae. I remembered that Leaf-footed bugs have striped antennae (as I’m sure many other bugs do, but oh well) and this leaf was his last meal.


3 comments on “And they’re all / going to / Bug City / for the night…

  1. Shannon says:

    The last one could be a leaf-footed bug, or the coveted assassin bug. They’re practically identical except for the “leaf foot” on the back legs. As for the crawler before that? Could be a lady bird larvae, but I can’t get a good eye with the angle. They would be a welcomed contender for your mealy bug problem! I would even consider ordering some on-line and having them shipped for release in your garden – judging from the crowded mealy population, they’d line up at the sushi bar. HA!

  2. Alice says:

    It is so peculiar–all is quiet,plants are thriving, then suddenly…BUGS! Scary movie music should clue us.

  3. I have had more bugs this year then ever in my gardening….may they R.I.P.

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